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How to Make Web Album Banners for Websites?

Web banner advertisement is a form of advertising on the web which is very popular nowadays to generate website traffic. Web banners can be found on almost each website, they normally line the top, bottom and sides of websites. You can create web banner ads for your own websites or blogs to gain more click through and drive traffic. You can also sell banner ads (advertising space) on your website, or join ad networks to make money from blogging, etc.


Flash Slide Show Maker is an image to slideshow animation tool that helps you create album banners from your photo albums and display web album banners on websites. This web banner maker has embedded dozens of well-designed web banner templates with numerous flash transition effects. You can create web banner ads in minutes, no Flash or programming skills required.

Steps to create banner album with Flash Slide Show Maker?


Step 1: Add web banner images and select transition effects


Images are the most important part of a website banner as images can communicate a great deal of information. Choose interesting photos, pictures to attract your viewers, following image formats are allowed: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, png, bmp, pcx, gif. You can also add text description to the images in Flash Slide Show Maker.


A compelling web banner often employ animation. You can make a flash gallery banner with the web banner software easily. Flash Slide Show Maker offers more than 60 built-in flash transition effects for your web album banners. After importing your banner pictures from the “Photo” tab, click “Transition Effect” to select flash animated effects for banner image slides.


web album transition effects



Step 2: Choose web banner album templates and add background music


Flash Slide Show Maker provides about 100 web banner templates to organized your banner images. You may choose from following banner album templates such as “Thumbnail and Number”, “Headline Banner”, “Thumbnail Right”, “Multicolor”, “List on right”, “Number Control”, “Banner simple”, etc.


banner album templates


Furthermore, most of the web banner templates come with great customization ability. Users can create standalone flash banners with single SWF file as output, they can also generate XML album banners. The XML banner albums make the modification and maintenance much easier later on, as all images, music and other components are loaded externally, pictures, thumbnails, website links are taken from the XML file. To add extra banner image, just put your picture target, link URL and its target frame in the XML file. To edit or delete banner pictures, you can simply edit the XML file in Notepad. You can make the change to fit into your website design and make unique banner galleries.


To attract more attention, you might also be interested in web banner background music/sound. Flash Slide Show Maker supports .mp3, .wma, .wav audios.


Step 3: Publish web album banners for websites


At the publish tab, you can choose to create web banner albums and save to your computer, burn to CD/DVD, or upload to SkyAlbum, the free flash file hosting service.


Step 4: Add generated web album banner to website or blog


Flash Slide Show Maker creates sample HTML page with the code you will need to embed the web banner album to your own websites or blogs. Go to upload the web banner album to your website; Copy the embed code from the source code of the sample HTML page; Paste the embed code to your web page source code.

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