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How to add Flash Slideshow to Web Studio websites?

Web Studio – Flash Slideshow Maker Tutorial

Web Studio is an easy to learn web design program. It supports virtually all video formats. To add flash SWF slideshows to Web Studio you simply go to the “Insert” menu and choose “Insert Flash from File”. You can also drag and drop the SWF file from desktop or windows explorer to Web Studio page.


Flash Slideshow Maker is an easy to use yet powerful and multi-function photo slideshow presentation software. It can create basic flash shows with all flash components combined into single SWF file. Beside it can also create advanced XML driven flash slideshows. If you create XML driven slideshows with Flash Slideshow Maker, where all images, thumbnails and other assets are placed outside in a subfolder, the steps to import the flash SWF slideshows to Web Studio is different. You may follow bellow Web Studio and Flash Slideshow Tutorial.


How to add XML driven flash SWF slideshows to Web Studio 5 ?


1. Run Flash Slideshow Maker, create and publish slideshow to your computer.


2. Go "File" menu, then "Open Output Folders...", copy the sub-folder for your XML driven flash animation to your website directory. You may put it at the same directory with your web page which you would like to insert flash SWF to.


3. Run Web Studio 5, open the page, go "HTML" menu, then click "HTML Object".


4. Right click the "HTML Object", select "Properties", the "Object properties" window pops up.


5. Click "HTML Content" tab, then check "Import" button to browse to the slideshow folder, there is a sample HTML file “fs_aux.html”, click “Open” to import this file to the "HTML Content" box. The source code will appear in the box, the only code you need is the section between the <object> tags. Make sure to remove all the other HTML tags, see bellow.


XML flash slideshow to web studio


6. You may need to assign correct file paths to the SWF and XML files in the above code if they are in different directories with your web page. For example, your page “index.html” is at site root, all slideshow files are placed in a sub folder “Flash” at site root, you can add the folder name before the SWF and XML files as above screen shot. Please note there are two places you will need to assign the file path to both the SWF and XML files as high lighted in yellow above. Click “OK” to close the object properties window and to save all your input.


7. Click “Web Studio” button on the upper left corner, select “Publish”, then ”Save Website files to disk”.


XML flash slideshow to web studio


8. Browse to your website directory on your hard disk, open the web page with browser to view the slideshow.



Download Flash Image SlideshowGet Flash Slideshow Maker Now!


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