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Image Scale Modes


When you have both portrait pictures and landscape pictures in the same slideshow, you may find that the portrait photos are cut-off. Flash Slideshow Maker has made it easier by introducing image scale modes. You do not have to use image editors to resize your images, resizing of the images will be handled automatically by Flash Slideshow Maker, together with two kinds of scale or stretch modes: Scale To Fill and Scale to Fit.


You can click “Preference” menu, then select “Options…”, you will see a pop-up window, click “Image Options”, you will be able to find the image scale options as bellow:


Image Scale Modes



Comparison between “Scale to fit” and “Scale to fill”


The Aspect Ratio is the relationship between the width and height. If the Aspect Ratios of image file and Flash slide are same, Scale to Fill and Scale to Fit have same effects.


You need to specify which scale mode to use only when you have photos with different aspect ratios in the same slideshow. Under “Scale To Fill” mode, the source image will stretch and fill the area of the slideshow, this might cause a portion of the source image to be cropped, the redundant image on the edge will be cut off.


For “Scale To Fit”, the image will stretch and fit into the area of the slideshow, this might cause a gap on some of the sides, because the source image might not be proportional to slideshow box. In such case, you get a gap or "blank area" in the slideshow, you can pick up background color for them.





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