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How to Make a Photo Slideshow with Music?


Flash Slideshow Maker - Music Photo Slideshow Tutorial


When creating a photo slide show, you may consider to add music which can enhance the vibe of your photo slide show. This tutorial shows you how to make a slideshow with photos and background music.


Things you need to do before hand:


1. Flash Slideshow Software

You can click to get Flash Slideshow Maker here, install it to your computer.

2. Digital Photos

3. Background Music


Step 1: Import Your Digital Photos


Click "Photo" tab, browse to your photo albums. To import your digital photos, you can click "Add"/"Add All" buttons or simply drag & drop.



Step 2: Choose Theme & Add Music


Flash Slideshow Maker provides more than 50 basic templates and much more advanced themes and templates. You can click "Theme" tab, select an appropriate template for your photo slideshow and customize the slideshow template according to your needs.

To add background music to your flash photo slideshow, go to the "Background Music for Slide Show" panel at bottom.



Under the "Advanced" theme tab, the "Background Music for Slide Show" panel is sitting at the right lower corner.



You can import music from your music CD or computer. MP3(.mp3), Wave(.wav) and Windows Media Audio(.wma) are the supported music file types.



Step 3: Publish Music Photo Slideshow


Click "Publish" tab, name your music photo slide show, click on "Publish Now!" button, you are done!

You can save on your computer, email to your friends, burn on to a CD/DVD disk, insert into your blog post or upload to your own website.




Frequently Asked Questions:



Is it possible to create a flash slideshow with background music embedded in the SWF file?


The program supports both Embedded (Basic) Mode and XML driven (Advanced) mode. Flash Slideshow Maker divides into two modes at the “Theme” tab. The "Basic" mode will create slideshows with all flash element combined into a single flash SWF file.


How to synchronize background music with photo slideshow?


Background music can be added with the flash slideshow creator, to synchronize music with photo slides, you can check the option “Truncate or repeat background music to fit slideshow”. To access it, you can click “Preference” menu, then select “Options…”. You can also add multiple music, songs or sound clips into Flash Slideshow Maker.


How to synchronize photo slideshow to background music?


You can synchronize photo slides up to background music as well as vise versa. With Flash Slideshow Maker, photo show time and transition duration are modifiable. You can easily change the timing of slides and their transition duration to fit the background music. At the “Photo” tab, all photos added will be listed at the Slides List Panel, see bellow :







The small “dice” icons before the slides indicate the transitions. The “Transition Duration” and “Show Duration”  are displayed on the transition icons and slides. The default timing for both of them are set to two seconds (2”).


To perfectly match the length of music and slideshow, you will need to do a little math. For example, if you have 20 photos and each of them with 4 seconds show time, 2 seconds transition duration for each slide, then slide show time would be 4*20=80s, and transition time would be 2*20=40, so the length of your photo slideshow 80+40=120s.


By doing so you can pick up music length accordingly. The length of added music will be displayed at the background music panel under the “Theme” tab. You can change slides transition duration for any or all photos to match the background music.


Highlight the transition or the slide, double click them, an “Edit Photo” window pops up. You can adjust “Transition Duration” and “Show Duration” from there. See bellow screenshot





Download Flash Slideshow Maker to create music photo slideshow




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