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How to Add Flash Slideshow to Joomla Articles?

Joomla Articles Slideshow Tutorial - Adding Slideshow to Joomla Articles

This tutorial shows how to make Joomla image slideshows and add the slideshows to your Joomla Articles.


Flash Slideshow Maker is a simple to use yet powerful slideshow creator for your Joomla! website. You can customize Joomla articles slideshows with the software easily. No Joomla slideshow plugin required, you can simply embed a code snippet to your Joomla articles under the HTML mode in order to display Joomla slideshows in articles.


Steps to create Joomla Image slideshows


1. Download and Install Flash Slideshow Maker;


2. Run the slideshow maker, add image files to it, follow the simple 3 steps to create your Joomla image slideshows.



Steps to Upload Flash Slideshows to Joomla


1. You can login Joomla control panel, then go to "Media Manager" and upload slideshows from there.


2. You can also use FTP clients such as FileZilla to upload slideshows to your Joomla site.


Flash Slideshow Maker is a template based slideshow software. All the templates are divided into basic and advanced modes.

Basic slideshow templates combine all flash components into a single SWF file, a sample HTML page will be created as well. This sample HTML page contains the embed code that you will need to use in order to add slideshows to your Joomla articles. To upload a basic slideshow to your Joomla site, you can simply upload the SWF file.


Advanced templates are XML driven, they will create a serial of files including a SWF file, a XML file, a sample HTML file "fs_aux.html", etc. The "fs_aux.html" document contains the embed code that you will need to use in order to add flash shows to your Joomla site. To upload advanced XML driven slideshows to your Joomla site, you will need to upload the SWF file and all its assets files.



Steps to Embed Slideshows into Joomla Articles


1. You can open the sample HTML page with a text or page editor, the embed code includes the section from <object> to </object>, see the sample bellow:


Adding Jooma Image Slideshows to Joomla Articles



2. Log in your Joomla control panel, open the Joomla article which you like to add slideshow to, switch your editor from design mode to code mode so you can edit HTML source code. Copy and paste above embed code from <object> to </object> section to your Joomla article.


3. You will need to assign correct file paths to the SWF file (if you use an advanced slideshow, you will change path to the XML file as well) . You may consider to use relative path to your Joomla site root, or you can use absolute paths.


A relative paths example as bellow:


<param name="movie" value="/media/slideshow/demo.swf?xml_path=" />
<param name="quality" value="high" />
<embed src="/media/slideshow/demo.swf?xml_path=" ....


An absolute path example as following:


<param name="movie" value="" />
<param name="quality" value="high" />
<embed src="" ....



Save the change, now you know how to use Joomla flash in articles and add slideshows to Joomla articles.




Download Flash Image SlideshowGet Joomla Image Slideshow Maker Now!


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