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How to Insert a Flash Slideshow into Dreamweaver?

Flash Slideshow Maker - Dreamweaver Tutorial


This tutorial will show you how to insert a photo flash slideshow into Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor. This tutorial applies to the SWF files created by Flash Slideshow Maker under the "Basic" theme tab only.


Flash Slideshow Maker supports both embedded mode and XML driven mode, the former merges your photos and background music into a single flash file. To enter the embedded mode to create photo slideshow, you can choose "Basic" under the "Theme" tab.




Things you need to do before hand


1. Download the Flash Slideshow Software

You can click to get Flash Slideshow Maker here, install it to your computer.


2. Create Embedded Flash Slideshow

Learn how to create a flash slideshow under the embedded mode.


Steps to insert a Flash Slideshow into Dreamweaver


1. Copy the SWF file from the Flash Slideshow Maker output folder to your website directory.

2. Run Dreamweaver and open your page file.

3. Click on the position where you want to insert the animation.

4. Go to Insert --> Media --> Flash

5. The Select file menu pops up, browse to the SWF flash file (please note we have just moved it to the new directory at step 1), and click on OK.

6. The Flash properties window now opens up, you may enter the properties accordingly or simply leave them blank and click "OK" to skip it.

7. Save the file then preview it.




1. Instead of creating new page files with Dreamweaver or inserting the output SWF file into existing web page, you can also edit the output HTML file with Dreamweaver or other editors like Notepad, Frontpage, etc.

Basic templates create slideshows with a simple HTML file and a SWF file, the flash code has been embedded into the HTML file.

2. If you want to insert a photo slideshow created under the "Advanced" XML driven mode, please refer to bellow tutorial:

Integrate XML Driven Flash Slideshow into Web Page




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