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How to create flash galleries with Flash Slideshow Maker?

Flash Slideshow Maker is a flash photo gallery software that can help you make flash photo galleries, flash image galleries, xml flash photo galleries, 3D flash gallery, flash picture show etc. It is a template-based program with plenty of flash gallery templates. You can easily make dynamic flash galleries with the gallery generator. No script knowledge required.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of adding photos and effects, all the way to exporting the final flash photo galleries.


Step 1: Add Photos


You can use the "File Explorer" to open your photo gallery and import them to the photo gallery software.


Flash Galleries Tutorial


Step 2: Set Transition Effects


Click “Transition Effect”, choose from the abundant transition effects for any or all of your photos.


Flash Photo Galleries Maker


Step 3: Select Flash Photo Gallery Templates


There are around 100 various templates for flash photo galleries you can choose from under the "Theme" tab. With these ready-made photo gallery templates, you can easily make flash flash slideshows, flash thumbnails, flash photo album, dynamic flash photo galleries, flash banners, etc.


Flash Photo Gallery Templates


Step 4: Create Flash Photo Gallery

Modify output options according to your needs. You can publish flash photo galleries to your local PC, upload to blogs or websites, burn into CD/DVD, etc.


Create Flash Photo Gallery


Free Flash Photo Templates & Free Flash Photo Galleries

Flash Slideshow Maker provides a lot of flash photo templates, they are free for personal use. You can make free flash photo galleries with it in simple steps. A "Powered by Flash Slideshow Maker" slide will be added to the end of the flash photo galleries. To remove this ending slide, or use the flash photo galleries created by the program for business purpose, you will need to purchase the professional version of Flash Slideshow Maker.


XML Flash Photo Gallery


XML flash photo galleries are ideal for your websites. They are more advanced compared to regular flash photo galleries on several aspects including easier maintenance. Imagine you need to add an extra photo to an existing flash photo gallery, all you have to do is editing the flash gallery XML file.

Creating the XML File does not require any code knowledge. The flash photo gallery maker will automatically create the XML file for your flash photo gallery. However to add extra images to your XML flash photo gallery manually by editing the XML file, should familiarize yourself with some of the basics of XML.

Alternatively you can save the XML flash photo gallery as projects, so the next time to add extra photos or make changes, you can simply import the project files to Flash Slideshow Maker, add extra photos to the array, incorporate additional modifications as you like. You will find that the XML flash photo galleries and project files can really save your time.

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