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All Types of Flash Image Viewers with Flash Slideshow Maker

Web Album Autoviewer


Web Album Autoviewer is a customizable web album template that can make fabulous Flash image viewer. This gallery autoviewer is designed to display a linear sequence of photos, pictures. You have the option to enable/disable the display of image captions and descriptions. Although it is so called autoviewer, you can still disable the auto-play of the flash viewer, also it provides mouse control and keyboard control of the flash gallery view play. You can stop and resume the photo viewer any time. You can also enlarge the photo viewer to full screen mode. The autoviewer gallery template can rescale photo frames to fit any aspect ratio photo. Hence no bother to edit photos in advanced, you can simply add them to the program from your photo galleries, choose the Web Album Autoviewer template, make changes to the preset profiles according to your website design and publish the flash picture viewer.


Flash Image Autoview


Simple Web Album Viewer


There are still a lot of other album viewer templates you may choose from. Web Album [Simple] is another flash template that can generate album autoviewer. Compared to Web Album Autoviewer, the main difference with the flash picture viewer created by this template is that it offers thumbnail display and navigation. This flash gallery template is fantastic for showcasing galleries.


simple gallery viewer


Postcard Web Album Viewer


Web Album [Postcard] is another flash gallery template you may be interested when considering building a simple viewer with your photo galleries. This template will automatically create thumbnails for your photos and display them in arrays. You do not have to worry about the numbers of your photos, the template will automatically separate them in equal arrays and display them side by side. However you may always change the layout as you wish, the template allows you to customize the preset row and column settings. Web Album [Postcard] can make very simple viewer with intuitive interface and navigation, viewers can click to zoom in and zoom out photos, click navigation symbols or use keyboard to browse through the gallery.


All Types of Flash Image Viewers


Except above mentioned image viewer template, you may also try templates such as Web Album [Photo stack], Web Album [Full Screen Viewer], Web Album [Scroll], etc. These flash gallery templates can create fancy gallery types such as gallery viewer, autoviewer galleries, flash viewer, flash autoviewer, simple viewer, flash picture viewer, tilt viewer, interactive viewer, postcard viewer, thumbnail viewer, carousel viewer, page flip view, image rotator, etc.


gallery viewer templates


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