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How to Create Flash Slideshows under Basic Embed Mode?


Flash Slideshow Maker supports both embedded mode and XML driven mode, the former merges all flash elements into a single flash file.


This tutorial will show you how to use the templates under the "Basic" theme tab (Embedded Mode) to create an image slideshow easily.




Things you need to do before hand:


Download the Flash Slideshow Software

You can click to get Flash Slideshow Maker here, install it to your computer.




Steps to create flash slideshows with basic themes



1. Run Flash Slideshow Maker.



2. Import photos.


The intuitive "File Explorer" with Flash Slideshow Maker allows you easily search photo albums from your computer and add into the program.




3. Edit Photos & Transition Effects


Click "Photo" from the top menu bar, select "Edit Photos..." or double click any photo from the above lower box, the "Edit Photo" window will pop up.

You can add or change titles, URLs, descriptions, transition effects and duration, photo show duration, text, artclips, etc.




To preview and apply flash transition effects to any or all of your image slides, you can click "Transition Effect" bellow "Photo" tab.


Highlight an image by clicking on the image or the "dice" icon before it first. The small icons before slides indicate the transition effect for the photo slides;

Then double click a flash transition effect from the middle "Transition Effects" box to apply a flash transition effect or drag & drop it to the lower slides list box.




4. Choose Theme Template


Click "Theme" tab, then click "Basic" bellow it to enter the embedded mode as bellow.




You can optionally change photo album title, size (width/height), background color, transiton/show duration, auto start/play, auto repeat/loop, hide/show flash control buttons, enable/disable URLs on photo.


You can also choose decoration for your slideshow here, camera, circle, red hearts, dropping line, dropping snow, arrow, gift, dropping leaves.


All the basic flash templates are displayed in the middle theme box. You can drag the scroll bar to browse through all the templates and click to select and apply a template.


The background music box is at the bottom, you can get music from CD or import from computer hard disk. MP3, WMA and WAV are supported music file types with Flash Slideshow Maker.



5. Create & Publish Slideshow



There are three output options:


  • Create Flash File Only
  • Make a Gift/Presentation CD/DVD
  • Create Flash Files and Upload to SkyAlbum.COM

Under most circumstances, you can select option "Create Flash File Only".

Click “Publish Now!” button to complete your slideshow.




You can click the “View Flash Slide Show” button to view your photo slideshow, or click “Open Output Folder” to organize your slideshow.


You can send the output slideshow to your friends through email, embed to your blogs and upload to your own websites, etc.




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