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How to Create Blogger Slideshow and Play Slideshow on Blogger Posts?

Blogger slideshow is excellent to share your photos on Blogspot blog. It is easy to do so, what you need are digital photos and a slideshow software. This tutorial shows how to create slideshow for Blogger and play slideshow on blogger posts.


At the end of this slideshow Blogger tutorial, you will know how to blogger better. It is not just boring text, motionless pictures, distracting album links to external websites. But you can have eye-catching interactive slideshow for blogspot.

Step 1: Create Blogger Photo Slideshow


You do not have to set up any slideshow widget for Blogger, you can Download Flash Slide Show Maker for Free and create blogger picture slideshow in 3 simple steps. Add your photos to the program, it can instantly export wonderful looking galleries with several clicks.


Slideshow for Blogger



Step 2: Publish Blogspot Slideshow on Internet


If you have a website, it would be great to upload and host the slideshows for blogger with your own website. Because you will be able to insert slideshows to both your blogger and websites. Except that you will have full control of your photo slideshows, such as easy backup and maintanence. Most important of all, unlike other online service when people click your photo or album they will be taken away. To make the slideshow for blogger with Flash Slide Show Maker and host by your own you can stop this.


If you do not have a web host, you may consider free hosting service such as and Google Sites. Flash Slide Show Maker has built-in FTP facility for you to upload slideshows to SkyAlbum for users' convenience.



Step 3: Add Slideshow to Blogger


Open your Blogger editor, switch to the "HTML" mode, then copy and paste the embed code to any location in Blogspot post where you like to display the blogger photo slideshow.


Blogger slideshow embed code


If you upload the blogger slideshow to SkyAlbum, you will get the embed the code from its user panel. If you upload to your own website, you can find the embed code from the sample HTML doc created by Flash Slide Show Maker. Read more here : How to insert flash slideshow to websites?



Top FAQs about Customization of slideshow for Blogger


Can I change size of the blogger slideshow?


If you find the slideshow too big for the blog, in order to center slideshow in Blogger post, you can simply change width/height of your Blogspot slideshow in Flash Slide Show Maker.


You do not have to worry about slideshow size, sometimes when a slideshow is so big that when put up in a post, it will offset page layout, for example it may drives the sidebar contents down to the bottom of the page or goes outside the border. A way around this is to change CSS of your blogger templates for computer savvy, as it requires coding knowledge. For most of us, you can simply make the changes to blogger slideshows to fit in with Blogspot posts.


How to loop or cycle the slideshow for blogger?


Slideshow play controls are also allowed. You can loop the slideshow player instead of getting a prompt at the end of the Blogger slideshow that asks to restart it, no bothering of any advertisement or distractions. It is much easier than you thought, as it is simply an option in Flash Slide Show Maker, just one click to enable automatic repeat slideshow at end.


Can I change the looks of my slideshow for Blogger?


Many bloggers may need a fully editable and customizable flash slideshows to match their Blogger template. For example, if your slide show has frame and borders with different colors that looks ugly with the Blogger menus and background, you may like to change that. You can make it in Flash Slideshow Maker and make it easily.


Can I link my Blogger slideshow to my own website?


You can preset URLs on photos, how to respond to your viewers' clicks is your own choice. For example, you can totally disable any URL links on the slideshow, or set different links for different photo slides.

In Flash Slide Show Maker, you can adjust size and style, change number of images, set how long you like photos to be displayed, automatically resize photos, link the photos to your websites or their source, show thumbnails, apply flash transition effects or 3D effects, change photo frames, backgrounds, etc.

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