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What's the difference between Basic and Advanced themes?


Flash Slideshow Maker divides all theme templates into two modes under the "Theme" tab, “Basic” and “Advanced”.


The main difference between the “Basic” theme mode and “Advanced” theme mode are as bellow:


Output Files:


     (1) Basic theme will create a single SWF file with photos and background music embedded in. The Basic theme mode is also called “Embedded Mode”;


     (2) Advanced theme is XML driven, it will create a set of image files and a XML file. The Advanced theme mode is also known as “XML Driven Mode”; The output file structure of advanced theme is as bellow:


Flash Slideshow Maker



Theme Customization:


     (1) Under the “Basic” mode, you can enter your “Album Title”, adjust the “Width” and the “Height”, set “Background Color” and transition & photo duration, define “Frame Rate”; You can also set auto-play, auto-repeat, show flash control button, enable URL on photo options etc.


Click “More Options”, you will find that the Flash Slideshow Maker provides you more freedom to customize the “Basic” theme templates. You will see a pop-up window, and you can set more flash options, like photo URL link and output/temporary folder setting, background music setting, image options like “Scale to fit”, “Scale to fill”, etc.


From the theme list box, you can find more than 57 professional-looking slideshow themes, together with several photo decorations for your choice, such as dropping snow, red heart, etc.


See the screen shot as bellow:


Flash Slideshow Maker



     (2) Under the “Advanced” mode, you can see the big “Theme Preview” window on the left with three buttons bellow. The advanced theme category is sitting on the right. You can select one of your favorite themes under category. You may notice that each advanced theme comes with different styles. Under some advanced theme category, you may even find dozens of templates with different styles.


If you need to customize the theme under the “Advanced” tab, please click “Customize Properties” button and you will see all settings for this theme. You may change size, color and other properties to your photo slides, thumbnails, description, title, etc.


After the changes of the advanced theme, you can save it as a new template for future, click “Save As” button and your modified theme will be automatically saved. So the next time to apply the customized theme, you can simply select it from the theme category list.


Once you complete your changes to the theme settings, you can click “Build” or “Build All” to preview the changes.


Flash Slide Show Maker



Embedding and Integration:


    To embed slideshows created under the “Basic” mode is slightly different from those created under the “Advanced” mode. The different output files and structure decide different embedding and integration methods. The “Advanced” mode is XML-driven, the user needs to have a little HTML skills so that he can insert the SWF into webpage with correct swf file path and xml file path.


Users without flash skills or experience can get started with the basic mode since it outputs SWF file only, unlike the xml-driven advanced mode which outputs SWF, XML and other folders containing photo and photo thumbnail.




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