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How to Add Flash Slideshow to Wordpress?

Adding Flash Slideshow to Wordpress -- Flash Slideshow Maker Tutorial


Flash Slideshow Maker is an easy to use photo slideshow software helps users create professional photo slideshow for Wordpress blog. With Flash Slideshow Maker, you can turn a folder full of still images or digital photos into stunning flash slide show with background music and special transition effects in no time. No need any Flash skills or experience, you can create stunning flash slideshow to decorate your Wordpress blog and share your creative flash slideshows on Wordpress.


Steps to Create Flash Slideshow for Wordpress and Insert Flash Slideshow into Wordpress blog:


1. Download Flash Slideshow Maker.


2. Create your Wordpress slideshow with the software.


3. Publish flash slideshow to internet.


4. Get the embed code for Wordpress slideshow and insert them into Wordpress blog post.



Steps to Create Flash Slideshow for Wordpress


Run Flash Slideshow Maker, follow the three steps to create your flash slideshow for Wordpress.


1. Add photos at the "Photo" tab;

2. Choose theme at the "Theme" tab;

3. Create flash slideshow at the "Publish" tab.


Upload / publish Flash Slideshow


If you have a self-hosted Wordpress blog, you can host flash slideshow for Wordpress on your server. If you do not have your own hosting, you may upload to instead. It is Free!


1. Upload to your own web server


Run Flash Slideshow Maker, click "File" Menu, then click "Open Output Folder...", you will be able to find your flash slideshows from there. You can upload them to your web server through FTP tools.


2. Upload to SkyAlbum


Run Flash Slideshow Maker, go to the "Publish" tab, check the option "Create Flash Files and Upload to SkyAlbum.COM", it is easy to follow from there.



Get the Embed Code for Wordpress Slideshow


Run Flash Slideshow Maker, click "File" Menu, then click "Open Output Folder...", except the flash SWF file, you will be able to find a sample HTML file. You can open it with Notepad to get the embed code. You will need to insert the code section from <object> to </object> to your Wordpress blog post.


Add Flash Slideshow to Wordpress Blog - Flash Embed Code


If you upload flash slideshow to SkyAblum, you can log on to, and get the embed code from the user control panel, see bellow:


Add Flash Slideshow to Wordpress Blog - SkyAlbum Flash Embed Code



Insert Flash Slideshow Embed Code into Wordpress Blog Post


Log in your Wordpress admin panel, open your blog post, switch from "Visual" to "HTML" mode, paste the embed code, save your post and you are done!


  Add Flash Slideshow to Myspace Wordpress Blog- Wordpress HTML Mode  


Please note if you host the flash slideshow for Wordpress by yourself, depending on the directory which you upload the flash slideshow to, you may need to assign correct relative path to your flash file in the embed code. You can always use an absolute path in the embed code, say If you host your flash slideshow for Wordpress on SkyAlbum, you do not need to make the change.



Add Flash to Blogs


Since filters out flash embed code, if you paste the embed code to posts, you will find the embed code removed automatically after publishing or updating your blog posts.


In order to add flash slideshow to blogs, you can however add a widget named "Vodpod Videos" to your blog. You can login admin panel of Wordpress account, go "Appearance"->"Widgets". Drag the widget from "Available Widgets" to a sidebar on the right to activate it. You can deactivate it any time if not satisfied by dragging the widget back to the "Available Widgets" section.



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