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Theme Customization


1. I have set transition effects under the advanced theme mode, but when publishing it, the slide show still goes on with random transition effect. Why?


--You need to click "Build All" button to save all the effects you have set.

2. Can I make some descriptions on the pictures in my slide show?


--Yes, you can do this by entering text in the "Description" box in the "Property" panel under "Photo" tab.


3. Can I set the font in my description?


--Yes, please enter the following tab in the description box: <font size=" " face=" " color=" "> YOUR TEXT </font> . For example, <font size="40" face="Times New Roman" color="#FF0000"><b>My First Photo Slideshow</b></font> .

4. Can I make a slide show to be played in the full screen?


--Yes, please try the following templates: WebAlbum [bottomList], WebAlbum [PageFlip], WebAlbum [Bottomthumbnail], WebAlbum [Topthumbnail], WebAlbum [FullScreenViewer] and WebAlbum [Dynamicbox].

5. Can I have an audio control in the slide show?


--Yes, the following templates can do this: WebAlbum [PageFlip], WebAlbum [Topthumbnail], WebAlbum [Photostack], WebAlbum [FullScreenViewer], WebAlbum [Wall] and WebAlbum [Dynamicbox].


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