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Billing & Registration


1. How can I pay for the product?

--There are two ordering options available: PayPal and Credit Cards including online checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners, JCB and debit cards with the Visa and MasterCard logo.


2. Can I buy without a credit card?

--To place an order by mail, fax, wire, and PO (when applicable) please use the online form by clicking the following URL:[300181783]=1 then choose your suitable payment options found in the Payment Method section of the form. Once submitted online, you will find the appropriate information of how to send your payment to our payment service provider.

When you place order successfully, please send us the order information, we will send you registration information as soon as possible.

3. How will I receive the product?


--The delivery of the software is via download, which is much more convenient for customers. Compared to CD/DVD mailing which is not available, online downloading helps customers worldwide to get it quickly.


You can download the latest version from our website any time. The purchased full version is based on registering the trial version downloaded from our website.


4. Where can I get the registration code?


--After purchase of the product,  you will receive an email immediately containing the registration name and code automatically sent from our email system. Please check the information in the email carefully.


If you cannot find the email in your Inbox folder, please check the Spam or Junk folder or check your e-mail again later.

5. Do you get "invalid name or code" product registration error?


--To prevent any possible registration errors due to typos, we suggest you copy and paste the registration name and code from the purchase confirmation email to the above registration dialog box.


6. What if I cannot receive or I lost the confirmation email with my registration information?


--If you cannot find the email in your Inbox folder, please check the Spam or Junk folder or check your e-mail again later. If you still receive nothing for long time. Do not worry, it is easy to get a new one.

A. You can simply retrieve registration information online through submission of the form from this URL:


B. Alternatively you can request it through email. Please provide us your full name, product name, order date, email on file through email. We will generate the product key and email you back ASAP.




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