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Released Date :  June 18, 2010

Version: 5.00   Price: $49.95

Flash Slideshow Maker Professional V5.00

Flash Slideshow Maker Professional is the best photo slideshow software to create flash banners and image slideshows for websites and products presentations, flash photo galleries for blogs, events and holidays, etc.

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What is Flash Slideshow Maker Professional?


Flash Slideshow Maker Professional

Flash Slideshow Maker Professional is a powerful picture slideshow software that lets users create stunning flash animation, dynamic flash photo galleries from static photo albums easily and quickly.


Flash Slideshow Maker Professional is the full version of Flash Slideshow Maker, it includes all the features with the trial version. Flash Slideshow Maker Professional offers a variety of customizable Flash slideshow templates which include Flash Banners, Photo Galleries, 3D Slideshows, Image Rollers, Products Presentations, Website Slideshows, Web Albums, Blog Slideshows, etc.


Under the advanced theme mode, Flash Slideshow Maker Professional provides many highly customizable flash themes and template to choose from. You can customize the size, background, color, font, web link, flash animation effect, etc. The result can be viewed immediately in the "Theme Preview" area.


Flash Slideshow Maker Professional support both embed mode and XML mode. You can create the slideshow as a single SWF file with all images are embedded inside. For advanced users, you can also create XML file based Flash slideshows where all images are placed outside in a subfolder.


Flash Slideshow Maker Professional will also create sample HTML page with the complete HTML embed code which you can use in order to insert slideshows into your webpage.




Why Flash Slideshow Maker Professional?


Flash slideshow maker professional creation wizard



Flash Slideshow Maker Professional has a clear user interface, users can simply use the automatic wizard or follow the simple 3 steps to create flash image slideshows with their favourite pictures.

No need to edit images in advanced, you can import your picture album into Flash Slideshow Maker directly. You can make changes to the images, add decorations to them from the image flash maker. There is no limit of number of photo slides, you can add as many pictures as you like.

The image flash maker can really save your time. Since it offers many creative flash image effects and transitions. For example you can control flash play speed, image transition time and image show time. You do not have to acquire flash knowledge. Because the image flash maker offers many built-in flash themes and templates. The image flash maker is a template based flash image tool, to create image flash animations, you can pick up your favorite flash template and customize them as you like.

Flash Slideshow Maker allows users to save their image flash project as project file for future modification. You can continue from the last time you were easily. It is a useful feature. The project files contain the pictures added, customization made and so on so that you can resume your work quickly the next time.

Flash Slideshow Maker can serve many common purposes. For instance, you can create Flash Banners, Flash Ads, Flash Intros, Products Presentations for your websites. These flash component would be a great help to make your websites outstanding, you can make your websites catchy, thus gain more traffic, promote your online business.



How to register Flash Slideshow Maker Professional?



1. Download Flash Slideshow Maker Professional.

2. Install and run Flash Slideshow Maker Professional.


3. Go "Help"-->"Register", input your registration name and code into registration dialog box. Click "OK" to complete.

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What Users Say About Flash Slideshow Maker Professional?


It is lovely and straightforward to use in general which makes a nice change after some of the others I work with!


-- Ronald from LA, USA

I have been trialling it for a few days and are very impressed. I think it is tremendous, easy to use and does almost all I want.
  -- Bill from NY, USA

I have used Flash Slideshow Maker Pro for several years and think it's brilliant! keep up the great work.
                                                                                                                                                        ---- James from Australia


I love your product. thank you so much it has tremendously helped me. I have recommended your program several times and will continue to do so. Thanks again.                                                                                                                                     -- McNeill from UK                    

I tried your trial version, and I really like how easy it works. Easy to install. Easy to use. Sincerely I am very satisfied with my purchase.
  -- Molly from Singapore