How to translate Flash Slideshow Maker into other languages?

Generally, it is easy to translate Flash Slideshow Maker into other languages, if you want to help us translate Flash Slideshow Maker into your native languages, please read this simple guide.

Step 1. Copy English language file to your own language.

In the setup folder of Flash Slideshow Maker from Version 4.81 (by default: c:\Program Files\Flash Slideshow Maker) , there is a sub folder named "Lang". Please open this folder, and you will find some language INI files. please copy the file "lang_eng.ini" to your own language file. The language file should be named in the format of "lang_***.ini". you can replace the "***" with your language abbreviation.


Step 2. Rename language menu item.

After copying the INI file, please change the language name to your own in the section "[General]"



Please replace the "language=English" to " "language=*****", " *****" is the language name that will appear in the language submenu of the software.

Then restart Flash Slideshow Maker. The new language will appear in the menu "Preference->Language..." of the software.

Step 3. Translate the language INI file.

The "lang_***.ini" file is in the format of Windows INI file. which is organized into sections. For examples:


; main menu


32837 =New Project From Wizard\tCtrl+W


simple = simple


title=Text Brush
1455 =Solid Color
1457 =Linear Gradient

101 =&About Flash Slideshow Maker...
102 =Total Images : %d
105 =Uploading file %d of %d : %s


Please keep the section name and the ID unchanged while translating. and only translate the strings after "=".

There are some words that is used for programming language and don't need to be translated. such as "%d", "%s", "\t", "\n". "%d" means a number to be replaced by the software and "%s" means a string. Please just keep it unchanged.

While you translating the file, you can switch the language from English to your own language to test the translation.

Step 4. Translate the bitmap files.

There are some bitmap files in the software that need to be translated. If you don't want to translate the bitmap files. please translate the following strings into your own language and send us in UTF-8 text or word file. We will edit the bitmap by ourselves.



Get From CD =



Start Burn=

Customize Properties=


Add All






File Explorer=

Transition Effect=


Build All=



Publish Now=

Go to Preset Panel=

Save As=






Welcome to Flash Slideshow Maker=

With Flash Slideshow Maker, you can easily make a dynamic flash photo gallery for your website, blog, myspace, or backup your photos on CD. =

With only three simple steps, you can show your photos on website. Click 'Next' button below to continue.=




If you want to translatethe bitmap files , you can see the file names in the bitmap section as below:


; main tool bar bitmap
325 = lang\english\main_btn_normal.bmp
322 = lang\english\main_btn_clicked.bmp
326 = lang\english\main_btn_disable.bmp
327 = lang\english\main_btn_hl.bmp


there is the file name of the bitmap files. you need to create a bitmap sub folder for your language and copy the bitmap files in the sub folder "english" to there. Then replace the "lang\english\" string to your own sub folder "lang\*******\" .

You can download the editable image files from this link , these files are in the *.png format. and you can use Adobe Fireworks to edit the text in the file easily. You can download Adobe fireworks from Adobe website.

After translate the text the the .PNG files, please export them to the bitmap files in your language sub folder.

Step 5. Send us the language file.

After translation, if you want to share with others, please kindly send the translation to us and we will package it into the setup program.

If any questions while translating, please feel free to contact us.