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Sample Embed Code for Flash - To Embed Flash Slideshow in ONE Minute!

Sample Code for Embedding Flash Slideshow


To display a Macromedia Flash movie(SWF file) in a browser, an HTML page is required. It could be your blog post page or website page. All it takes is a small snippet of HTML that you paste in the source code for your blog or website. Bellow is the Sample Code for Embedding Flash Slideshow you may use.




For a quick start, you can copy above flash embed code to your HTML page and preview the flash slideshow in your browser. You can optionally replace above flash animation with your own. Please keep reading before doing that, you may find bellow Flash embed syntax and Flash embed tutorials helpful.


About Flash Slideshow Embed Syntax


  • OBJECT and EMBED tags:

    The example flash slideshow embed code contains the OBJECT and EMBED tags that reference the actual Macromedia Flash movie file to be opened and played in your web page. The OBJECT tag is used by Internet Explorer on Windows and the EMBED is used by Netscape Navigator (Mac and Windows) and Internet Explorer (Mac) to direct the browser to load the Macromedia Flash Player. For cross browser compatibility, we use both OBJECT and EMBED tags to embed the same flash object.


  • Width/Height:

    They specify the width and height of your flash slideshow. Please note they can be found from both the OBJECT and EMBED tags in the example flash slideshow embed code. Also they can be in

    either pixels or percentage of browser window, such as 400, 400px, or 50%.


  • Classid, codebase and pluginspage:

    They reside in object tag only. Internet Explorer on Windows uses an ActiveX control to play Macromedia Flash content. Classid identifies the ActiveX control for the IE browser while codebase identifies the location of the Flash Player ActiveX control so that the browser can automatically download it if it is not already installed.

    Pluginspage is for EMBED tag only.


  • Movie and SRC:

    The movie parameter is for object tag only, it specifies the location (URL) of the movie to load for IE browser. SRC does the same job as the movie parameter, but it serves other non-IE browsers.


  • Other attributes in the sample embed code for flash

    Among the many attributes and values, only above mentioned are required, the rest are optional, such as id, name, qulity, wmode, etc.


    How to use the Flash embed code?


    You can insert flash slideshow into your blogs and websites with the sample embed code. Some examples are as bellow.


    Embed Flash Slideshow in Website


    Embed Flash Slideshow in Wordpress Blog


    Embed Flash Slideshow in Joomla


    Embed Flash Slideshow in Joomla article


    Embed Flash Slideshow in MySpace


    How to create Flash slideshow?


    Click to Download Slideshow Maker , use this powerful Flash tool to build Flash slideshows with your photos easily. It can generate embed code for flash automatically, no need hand coding of the embed flash code.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at .