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How to Create Myspace Slideshow and Add to Myspace?

Make Photo Slideshow for Myspace


Flash Slideshow Maker is a Myspace compatible slideshow maker. You can create photo slideshow for Myspace in 3 simple steps and make animated Myspace profile with them. You can also put photo slideshows on your Myspace blog posts.

1. Collect photos and pictures for the slideshow and batch add to Flash Slideshow Maker;

2. Go to the “Theme” tab to pick up a flash slideshow template which best matches your Myspace layout;

3. Generate the Myspace slideshow.


Note: You will have great freedom to customize the properties of selected theme at step 2 to make your Myspace slideshow and Myspace profile as unique as possible.


Myspace Slideshow



Add Animated Slideshow to Myspace


Step 1. Upload the generated Myspace slideshow to an external webhost such as or your own web site.

Step 2. Insert the flash embed code for Myspace into your Myspace profile or blog post.

Step 3. Replace the relative path with full URL (absolute path) to your flash slideshow in the above embed code snippet.

Step 4. Save the setting and review the slideshow on your Myspace.


Note: Flash Slideshow Maker will create the flash embed code for Myspace automatically. You can find it the sample HTML file from “File” menu -->“Open Output Folder…”. You can simply use Notepad to open the sample HTML file and copy the embed code over to Myspace profile or blog post.



For a quick start, you can copy bellow code snippet to your Myspace profile or Myspace blog post


You can then drag your Myspace profile module anywhere you like to show off your picture slideshow for Myspace


Free Download Myspace slideshow software to create slideshow for Myspace

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